10 Economical Wedding Supplies That Make Fantastic Wedding Decorations

It's not hard to spruce up a wedding with cheap wedding decoration. And rather than get it to look tacky or even unsophisticated, cheap wedding accessories can actually make the big event seem MORE costly!

Cheap Wedding Add-ons You'll Need...

- Balloons

- Ribbons

- Photograph Frames

- Snapshots (of Bride & Groom Pre-wedding)

- Fruit (Fake or Real)

- Fruit Platters

- Candles

- Candle Stick Holders

- Napkins

- Table Cloths

Short Note: The things above should be purchased in colors to suit the general theme of your wedding. Ordinary colors can be used, but it won't create the same type of atmosphere as matching colors can. Colored decorative accents are ordinarily more expensive than non-colored ones, however the expense is, more often than not, well worth it.

Hints For Utilizing Cheap Wedding Supplies...

- Station the balloons through the entire reception area in small patterns (2 to 4). Connect them to the ends of tables, to chairs, and to other decorations in the area.

- Another inexpensive idea is to use pictures of the bride and groom as decors. Hang the images on walls or even use the photos as table centerpieces via a revolving picture frame holder.

- Fruit & fruit bowls could be used as simple, yet chic, decor for both the ceremony and the reception. Others even choose to use this cheap wedding accessory as a focal point for the wedding tables.

- Candles can be amazingly cheap and are a great wedding decor item. Place them on guest tables, put them on walls, or even do a more sophisticated floating candle decoration utilizing a bowl of water.

- Compared to using unexciting white napkins and table clothes, used colored napkins & table clothes for a more impressive display. Vary colors through the whole reception hall for better effect.

- Ribbons are very easy to beautify with, as they can be used at any place. Tie them to different decorations, to chairs, to tables, perhaps even to the guests themselves!

Cheap wedding accessories are a bride & groom's best friend, especially when trying to plan a dream wedding on a budget. Make use of these ideas, and also others, and you're guaranteed to save some money on the budget.

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