2 Most Common Types Of Acne On The Planet

What kind of acne do you have? Should you be worried about long lasting damage? Is it possible to treat your type of acne? These are all questions that dermatologists answer every day, but you don't have to visit the doctor for these answers, simply read on to find out more about the different types of acne there are and exactly what you should know about your particular type.

There are a multitude of types of acne which people can be impacted by. They range from mild to acute and every type of acne comes armed with certain types of pimples or pustules which may manifest as a result, depending on the kind of acne it is. Have a look at 2 of the most well-known types.

Acne Vulgaris - Here is the most widespread form of acne and it includes the commonly occurring white heads and black heads and also zits and cysts. The more extreme cases of acne vulgaris manifest as cysts & nodules that are typically under the skin and cause pain but are not necessarily easily visible.

Acne Rosacea - This kind can be seen in teens and also young adults, however, it's usually found in people that are between the years of 25 and 35. It's characterized by inflammation and rashes on the nose, cheeks, and forehead. Even though the spots that appear will look quite similar to acne vulgaris, there will be no blackheads.

If you have mostly black heads & white heads -- meaning your type of acne probably falls under the vulgaris classification -- you can rely on the usual home acne remedies. Should you be suffering from acne rosacea on the other hand, then you'll probably have to start making use of "specialized" remedies; the type which are known to be efficient for eliminating acne rosacea.

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