How To Plan A Wedding For Less - Simple Tips And Money Saving Tricks

Wedding ceremony is one of the most unforgettable events in a person's life. Usually, young couples would like to go all out and make no compromises in making this occasion the most memorable. Sometimes, being over excited about the big event, young couples end up borrowing money to meet the wedding expenses which would cause a heavy financial burden later on. In an effort to avoid this, the best option is to organize a well planned wedding budget that will help you to avoid unwanted expenses. Should you be wondering how to plan a wedding cheaply with no compromises, listed here are some tips for you.

The wedding dress constitutes a major portion of the wedding ceremony budget. This is an expense which can be minimized because you are going to wear this outfit only while exchanging the vows with your partner. After the wedding ceremony is over, this dress lands in your wardrobe and will be never used aging. So it would be quite sensible not to waste thousands of dollars on purchasing a dress that is going to be used only once. You may either consider renting the dress from one of the wedding supplies stores or you should purchase a second hand wedding dress from one of your friends or relatives who are willing to sell it to you.

If you are looking for solution to "how to plan a wedding on the cheap", the answer would certainly be proper management of your wedding finances. Catering is an aspect that requires to be planned with care. Most couples spend a huge amount on food, a lot of which reaches the trash can the next day. Placing an order with the wedding catering company without considering the actual number of guests who will be attending the reception will result in wastage of food, and also money. Draw up a guest list and arrive at a ballpark figure before you place the order.

Printing the wedding invitations would also require a sizable portion of your wedding budget and you can perhaps save a lot of money by printing cards at your home instead of placing an order with a professional printer. Designing the invitation card with your partner by your side can make it even more special. You possibly can personalize it for each of your friends and relatives and make them feel important. Sending out e-invitations to people who are staying in other countries would be better option than sending the invitation card by courier.

The venue for the wedding ceremony also costs a great deal of money. However, you possibly can reduce the expenses by making small changes. As an alternative to booking a large reception hall to entertain your guests, you could consider opting for a seaside wedding party or nature wedding ceremony in a park or your backyard garden. Just picking the right place when planning a wedding is half the battle!

You could also keep costs low by ordering wedding supplies in bulk from wholesale vendors. Decorative items like linen, centerpieces and streamers can be bought from these wholesale vendors. You can even purchase flowers from wholesale dealers and save a significant amount of money.

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