The 6 Months Wedding Pointers - Are You Actually Ready?

Having a wedding check list by your side is more than just about staying organized. It's about saving your hard earned money, saving time, and above all, maintaining your sanity. To organize this event without a wedding check list sounds like trying to construct a space station without blueprints or perhaps a plan to get into space -- it's downright lunacy!

If you have yet to get a hold of a checklist for wedding, do yourself a big favor and apply the one that follows. It could actually save you from innumerable hours of headaches and hassles.

6 Months Prior to the Marriage event...

- Talk with your partner about a workable budget and talk about who's family is spending for what.

- Think about a date, a time, and a location for the ceremony as well as for the reception.

- Book locations for the wedding. - Discuss ceremony with the wedding "officiator".

- Develop a rough plan of the guest list. - Iron out the rough summary and come up with a semi-finalized visitor listing. - Gift Registration.

- Discuss catering and food options for the wedding gathering. If decided on, book a caterer.

- Start out making a selection of wedding attendants. Provide invitations to preferred attendants.

- Strike up a contract with the professional wedding photographers service as well as for the entertainment.

- Purchase the invitations. - Select wedding rings.

- Choose wedding dress, bridal attires, plus bridal essential accessories.

- Give yourself a round of applause, as you've just fulfilled the "6 months before" wedding event check list! 3 Months Before The Wedding...

- Discuss with your partner about the flowers for the bridal ceremony. If in accord, choose to buy the flowers.

- Decide on a honeymoon setting. Book said location as well as travel arrangements.

- Select the outfit for the groom, the usher, as well as for the best man.

- Check into wedding license requisites.

If you desire fewer troubles, more pleasant organization, and just an altogether better wedding planning experience, keep this simple wedding checklist with you. Not only will planning the event be far easier, it might end up being enjoyable!

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