The Easiest Method To Remove Acne Scars Swiftly

Acne is a skin condition which affects many people in their adolescent years and even many adults. The pimples, pustules and cysts that acne causes can have an impact which lasts a lifetime if they are allowed to get worse into a severe condition that leads to permanent scaring. Acne is attributable to sebaceous glands in the subcutaneous layer of the skin being stimulated to produce surplus amounts of sebum oil. A normal quantity of this oil is desired and necessary since it lubricates the skin and helps to protect it from damage. Excessive sebum oil can result in acne infections.

The sebum oil can combine with dead skin cells and other impurities on the skin and form soft plugs of matter which block the pores in the skin. These plugs encourage the growth of microorganisms and if they get infected the swellings and pimples of acne are the result. Acne scars are often brought on by inflamed cyst or pustule lesions on the skin. These swollen lesions are the result of clogged skin pores becoming engorged and rupturing the wall of the follicle. If the rupture is close to the skin surface then the lesion heals quickly.

If the rupture in the follicle's wall is positioned deeper under the skin then the infected material from the blocked skin pore can spread to adjoining tissue and cause permanent damage that can bring about scarring. Collagen is the protein that is naturally created in the body that gives skin strength and flexibility. New collagen fibers are also produced by the skin so as to mend any skin damage. While skin repair process by the body are usually effective, they often leave a visual sign. There are two kinds of scars that may be left by acne infections, hypertrophic and atrophic.

Hypertrophic scars are more commonly known as keloid scars. They may be produced during the skin mending process when extra collagen is manufactured and leaves a accumulation of scar tissue on the surface of the skin. When tissue loss has resulted in the restoration of the skin, the scars are called atrophic or ice pick scars. To be effective an anti scar cream needs to have the ability to do several different tasks. It must be capable of reducing or removing scar tissue from keloid scars with the help of natural acids. An anti scar cream should also have ingredients to promote new skin growth.

Collagen is a necessary ingredient in scar remover creams. This natural protein from the body is essential in making skin strong, firm and elastic. Collagen will help to fill in voids in the skin and make skin look firmer and fuller to help improve acne scars appearance. There are many ingredients that have proved effective in early stage treatment of acne scars. Alpha Hydroxy Acids are naturally occurring substances which aid in repairing injured skin. Vitamin A is an ingredient that is available in many forms and speeds up skin healing while repairing damage done by swelling and inflammation in the skin.

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